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Monday, December 24, 2012

Secret Santa Review: Texhnolyze

This is the third installment of the Secret Santa Reviews created by the Reverse Thieves. Enjoy.
Texhnolyze. With a trippy opening by Juno Reactor.
This time around, the person who was in charge of recommending me anime to review was actually good at knowing what I'd like and what are the type of anime I am most interested in. He or She figured out that I love deep (mind-fuck) sci-fi anime. So out of the recommendations, I chose the one I knew the least about and so purchased and watched Texhnolyze: A series released in 2004 by the same people who brought you Serial Experiments Lain.

As with my previous reviews, I dove into this anime knowing absolutely nothing about. I didn't even read the synopsis on the back of the DVD box. Therefore, my first impression was somewhat confused. The first episode has almost no dialogue or narration what's so ever and so it did all the explanations about the characters and settings through very dim visuals as though the series takes place in a very dark place. Later did I found out that the series takes place in an underground city. As the fist set of episodes progressed, I began putting all the pieces together and started figuring out where the series takes place and who the characters are. However, this was only one small layer of this fantastic series.
I can barely tell what's going on.
Texhnolyze is a form of cybernetic technology that provides a replacement for lost limbs. The user can command their new high tech prosthetics much like they would their regular limbs. But there are some mysteries of this technology that eventually the shows shines upon. The protagonist of this show, Ichise, is a down on his luck prize fighter who ends up losing his arm and leg as punishment. The doctor in charge of texhnolyzation in the city sort of forces a new prototype of prosthetics on him. Meanwhile, an outsider who's intent is unknown is visiting the city. On his way, he meets a mysterious young girl who apparently can see the future.The city itself is governed by a multitude of factions which have somewhat hostile relations which each other. Once small mistake can spark a war among the power hungry.
The flowers provide a contrast to this rocky, desolate world.
The series likes to take its time with presenting information to the viewer; building the world episode by episode. Every episode tells little by little about the characters, their ambitions, their virtues and especially their flaws. Meanwhile the story builds to an introductory climax that serves as more as a briefing about the world and then finally builds into a final grand climax where nothing is held back.
This series has so many mysteries.
Even though the series is from 2004, the visuals are still well crafted which is kind of a shame that it wasn't released on Blu-ray Disc. Even though there are some lighting issues (it's too dark) in the first few episodes, they eventually fix it. Though the visuals are somewhat bland due to the setting, the mechanical designs of the world are top notch. The soundtrack is also excellent as it sets the mood of every scene. The opening theme is by Juno Reactor and is quite futuristic.

When put everything together, the series is quite a thrilling story about not just a man's struggle of survival but perhaps even all of mankind. There are quite a lot of messages told to the audience mostly along the lines of fate, raison d'etre and death. So overall this is a must-watch series for people who enjoy deep thrilling sci-fi series that don't BS around. This is definitely now one of my favorites.

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  1. I love Texhnolyze, but I was a little hesitant to recommend it seeing as how it is so dark (no pun intended ;). I am really happy that you enjoyed it though. The other two recs were a bit more mainstream, but I do hope you get a chance to check them out down the line sometime. Happy holidays!