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Monday, December 3, 2012

Eroge Bus Episode 17 - Shuffle!

In this episode I review Navel's Shuffle! which is soon getting a physical release.

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Show Notes:
00:00 Opening - Skydive - Freefall

01:10 Intros and stuff

05:57 Break - Moero Downhill Night BLAZE Op

07:58 News:
October 25th: News Briefs
  • -Princess Evangile perfect book will be on shelves November 26th
  • -artbook for rootnuko artist Amakura comes out December 31st
  • -Phat!’s 1/8 scale figure of Fate/kaleid liner‘s Prisma Illya comic ver out in March.
October 29th: Steins;Gate, Hiyoku Renri no Darling Ported to PS Vita
October 29th: Duel Savior fan translation patch released
October 29th: Moero Downhill Night BLAZE Goes Golden Master
October 30th: White Album 2: Shiawase no Mukou Gawa's Opening Anime Posted
October 30th: Aksys to Release Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi PSP Game
October 30th: Taishi Tsutsui's Steins;Gate Spinoff Manga Returns in New Series
October 31th: Little Busters Producer: Anime to Cover Everything, Even Though 26 Episodes Is Not Enough
November 1st: Sakura Wars: Kanadegumi's Anime Music Video Streamed
November 2nd: Announing: Host Holic
November 7th: Latest Looks at "Fate/EXTRA CCC" and "Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya"
November 9th: Unaired Little Busters Episode Offered to BD/DVD Buyers
November 9th: Fate/Zero Anime Inspires Chess Pieces from Megahouse
November 10th: MangaGamer announces Tick Tack and hard copies for SHUFFLE!
November 10th: Steins;Gate Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu Film's 1st TV Ad Posted
November 12th: VIDEO: TV Anime "Total Eclipse" New OP&ED PV Posted
November 12th: News Briefs
  • -Imaimo‘s OST will come out on December 21st,
  • -MOONSTONE‘s 10th anniversary memorial book will be out first at C83, then on shelves January 25th.
  • -PSP adaptations are planned for Rosebleu’s Stellar Theater (February 28th)
  • -Debonosu’s Sorakumo (March 7th)
  • -ALcot’s Onigokko!
  • -ALcot Honey Comb’s 1/2 summer
  • -Renai 0 km portable has been set for January 31st
  • -Alpha Max has a 1/7 scale version of Satsuki out this May from Koichoco
  • -Kotobukiya – 1/7 scale Inia -Sukumizu- from MuvLuv TE in April
November 14th: Nekoten can haz sales?
November 15th: Transform Into Total Eclipse Anime's Aliens With Zip-Up BETA Hoodies
November 15th: Fate/extra CCC RPG's Short Gilgamesh Movie Streamed
November 16th: News Briefs
  • -CranCrown will have a ‘Hotcakes with Shinku Set’ (from Iro toridori no hikari) in advance of C83
November 18th:DLSite translates Lonely Yuri into English
November 19th: Women of Type-Moon Dress Their Best for 10th Anniversary Blu-ray
November 23th: News Briefs
  • -FLAT vocal collection will be on shelves December 21s
  • -Kotobukiya – 1/7 scale Yui pilot strengthening equipment from Muv-Luv TE in April
  • -Max Factory – figma Super Sonico tiger hoodie ver. in March
November 24th: Steins;Gate Film's 2-Minute Teaser Trailer Streamed

20:43 Break - Shuffle! OP

23:00 Review of Shuffle!

30:15 Break - Witch's Garden OP

32:23 Upcoming Games:
Tera Beppin by Clockup

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Michael no Otome Tachi by Yurin Yurin


Witch’s Garden by Windmill Oasis

Naisho no Naisho! by Iris

Yin-Yang! X Change EX ~Boku no Sensei ga Konna ni Onna na Wake ga Nai~ by Crowd

Soushinjutsu Möbius by Studio Jaren

Aete Mushisuru Kimi to no Mirai ~Relay broadcast~ by Alcot Honey Comb

Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou bv Cube

Aneimo Neo ~Second Sisters~ by Boot Up!

43:19 Ending - Kanashimi no Mukou e


  1. Ha, I didn't know you were doing VN of the year thing. Good idea!
    Mine would be...

    *drum roll*

    Go Go Nippon. I think it really is an achievement as far as the amount of development went into it. Great ideas, designs, and a very friendly introduction in the medium. Too bad doesn't get the amount of attention it deserves. It's like the Blade Runner of VNs!

    1. While I would agree with you...Go Go Nippon was released last year.

  2. Lovely,just listened to the episode and thanks for the shout out and comment feedback in the episode. Yeah the Int can be Intentions/Intent/Interest/ its due to a interest of murder mystery.

    It is a shame that deeper heavy story novels are selling less then ero heavy titles, both style have there merits. I love darker eroge for my fetish fix like companies such has lilith-soft cover along with there amazing artwork, but still love a good story like hiragushi, KnS and so forth that leave a mark on the soul with a diferent deeper meaning and not to satisfy my perverted desires. ;) The variety is one of the cool things about the varied media of visual novels/eroge.

    Im a collector of English translated visual novels/Eroge and due to this prefer waiting out for hard-copies especially with Mangagamer like you metioned has dlc with drm is intangible and I find it limiting.Even more so if buying a download then having to re-buy for a hard copy.

    @matty I still gotta play Go Go Nippon mine's still sealed!

  3. I thought of another interesting question, any one can answer here on the blog if they want to. If you could have one Japanese story heavy VN and one heavy Eroge translated, what would you want above all others? (Exclude any fan translations or upcoming translation)

    My answer wouldn't come easy and took a lot of thinking has there are so many game deserving of this title such has some Nitro plus games, type moons new game, the never released Eve: The Fatal Attraction and so forth.
    In the end if I was to choose it would be "Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Latest Edition~ for visual novel, due to seeing the anime series and how it deal with PTSD and deeper people issues, and having a great varied yet deep story.(BTW I loved Muv-Luv Trilogy that was fan translated) Though some more crime/mystery vns would also be cool but only know of a small handful.

    Again for eroge it would be hard to choose i like darker eroge, and would like some Delta/Trois,Tsurumiki.older Ail-soft and BPT games who also are dark but have nice artwork and cover various fetishes, Overall thinking about it I came to the conclusion of Koutetsu no Majo Anneroze due to the factor of loving the art work characterization and various sex scenes.Though again there are so many I would love to see translated.

    Sorry if my post are very length, I just wanna stimulate thoughtful discussion about one of my hobbies and tend to ramble.


    1. There are really just so many that I'd like see translated. Ero-heavy game that I'd like to see localized would probably be something like Jellyfish's Sisters for obvious reasons. A story heavy game? Practically anything by Alicesoft I guess...

  4. I had a question for you regarding your choice of School Days as game of the year. I'm fairly new to visual novels, and when I find one, I search out all the media I can find for it. With Clannad and shuffle, I found anime and and manga as well and enjoyed all of it. When I heard about School days, the first thing I found was the anime series. I watched the series and very soon started to despise the main character. In fact you'd be hard pressed to find a character I didn't dislike by the end. Without ally spoiling, the ending of this anime left me shocked and literally sickened. As a result, I never followed through with the VN. I wanted to ask you if the visual novel follows the anime storyline to the same horrible ending, or are they completely different. I know some visual novels have "bad" endings, but if school days has the same despicable characters, then I sure don't want to play it.

    1. The School Days anime can diverge widely from the visual novel story line. The visual novel has over 30 different endings but is known most for its bad endings where at least one of the character dies, which is why they went for the worst possible end in the anime. However, when you play the role of Makoto in the VN you can basically decide if you want to be a despicable human being, or not. You can go for the happy endings by making choices that favor one of the girls without hurting the other, or you can try to sleep around and get killed from doing it.

    2. Thanks for the response. 30 endings sounds overwhelming! Maybe I'll give it a look after all.