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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eroge Bus Episode 6

This month, Hisui from Reverse Thieves returns to discuss what's the big deal with Type-Moon and their franchises.

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro - Skydive - Freefall
02:15 Opening words
05:30 Break - Everyday I'm PonPonPin'
06:00 News:

Nov 24th: JASTUSA’s status update

Nov 27th: Love, Election, & Chocolate Game Gets 2012 TV Anime

Nov 28th: My Sweet Umadonna to Launch on December 11 as Web Game

Nov 30th: Koi-ken! Mobile Dating Simulation Game Gets Anime

Nov 30th: LovePlus Virtual Girlfriends Get Sh┼Źnen Mag Photoshoot (might omit)

Dec 1st: Guide to Playing Visual Novels on Android Devices

Dec 2nd: Touch Shiyo! Love Game's New Promo Streamed

Dec 3rd: Amagami SS+ plus TV Anime to Premiere on January 5
also: Amagami SS+ 1st TV Ad Streamed
also: Amagami SS+'s Newest Promo Video, Meat Bun Revealed

Dec 5th: Kisaragi no Hogyoku full English version hits iTunes store

Dec 6th: Mangagamer announces new physical copies
also: Master up of We Love Master

Dec 7th: Konami Offers Life-Size LovePlus Girlfriend Calendars (might omit)

Dec 8th: New Fate/Zero Project to Be Nendoroid Petit Figure
also Fate/Zero's Saber Motorcycle Built in Life-Size
also Fate/Zero, Railgun, Oreimo, Ro-Kyu-Bu Curtains Unveiled
also Fate/Zero's Assassin Parka Jacket Offered in Japan
also Roundup of Type-Moon figures

Dec 14th: ToHeart2 Gets Pachinko Slot Machine Game

Dec 17th: Final Chapter of Umineko translated to English

Dec18th: Fan Translation of Little Busters! complete
also: Little Busters! PS Vita's Release Date Listed as February 23

Dec 23rd: AmiAmi now exports Japanese eroge for cheap

Dec 23rd: Angel Beats! Singer Lia Covers Hatsune Miku's 'Meteo' Song

Dec 24th: RococoWorks to close down at the end of the year.

Dec 26th: Creator of YU-NO and Eve Burst Error dies

Dec 27th: Comiket Blood Donors Get Posters of Type-Moon, Overdrive, Others

35:40 Break - Carnival Phantasm OP
37:13 Type-Moon discussion
66:20 Break - Fate/Zero ED
67:48 Upcoming Games:

An excellent guide to non-eroge VNs:

Mebae by Tanuki Soft:

Kikouyoku Senki II Gin no Toki no Corona by ETERNAL:

Appare! Tenka Gomen by Baseson:

Manatsu no Yoru no Yuki Monogatari -MIDSUMMER SNOW NIGHT- by EX-ONE

Hanasaku Otome to Koi no Grimoire ~Guild no Nai Mura ni Guild o Tsukurou!~ by debonosu seisakusho:

White Album 2 by Leaf:

Sentoreido Gakuen by Liquid:

Nanatsu no Fushigi no Owaru Toki by Etude:

Imouto Senbatsu☆Sousenkyo ~365-nin no Imouto Icharabu Manifest~ by latte

Nikutai Keiyakusho by FULLTIME

Love Gear ~Kinematic Lovers~

86:00 Ending - School Days - Kanashimi no mokou e

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Secret Santa Review: Xam'd: Lost Memories

This is the second edition of the secret Santa review brought to you thanks to the efforts of the Reverse Thieves. Enjoy this review of Xam'd: Lost Memories by studio BONES.

What the hell is this thing?!

At the height of the anime bubble in 2008, there were many anime titles getting produced. Many of these titles were visibly trying to cater to a Western audience.  Xam'd: Lost Memories is one of these titles. Unfortunately, due to the bubble and the massive quantity of different shows released at that time, this impressive sci-fi show has flown under my radar. So when Sentai Filmworks licensed this series earlier this year, I was sort of confused as to what this show is and why was it licensed. I now know as to why it was licensed: It's effing awesome!

So I dove straight into this series knowing nothing about it. The first thing I noticed just how pretty it was in high definition. The characters that were first introduced seemed somewhat bland and didn't really grab me at first. Of course the first episode spent a lot of time introducing all the characters and sort of show what their relationships were. Furthermore, the show did not wait to start weaving a story and right away the audience are thrust into a conflict. It appears that there are factions who are still fighting a war but it's not clear as to who is who and what their intentions are. And of course the main character ends up being mixed up with all the fighting.

Details. Details everywhere.

As I stated before, this animated series looks gorgeous in high definition. There are many painted environments as the series goes from place to place such as villages and towns. All the machinery is well detailed as well as attention is given to all the various rifles that are used throughout the series.  The animation in the opening is fairly consistent with the animation in the series. As you can see the animation is smooth and there is a lot of action. The show has a lot of that and in addition there are quite spectacular animations of destruction. Overall this series is quite a visual feast.

Check out this opening.

As you probably have noticed, the openings and closings are entirely in English which is quite rare. The regular soundtrack does a good job setting the mood but doesn't really stand out and is fairly average in that respect. The Japanese voice cast was very competent at acting out all the characters and conveying their emotions. Unfortunately I did not try watching with the English dub, but from looking at the names of the cast they appear to be standard Sentai Filmworks talent.

So the series is mainly about a boy, Akiyuki Takehara, who gets caught up in an explosion that grants him powers that change him into a biological weapon much like The Hulk. However, he does not initially know how to fully control this power or what the actual purpose of it is. An enigmatic girl named Nakiami from a free lance postal air-ship flies over, and not only helps Akiyuki from being consumed by his new power, but also adopts him until he gains control. The first half of the series basically is his journey to master these new powers. Now there is a lot more going on than Akiyuki's journey and this makes the first half a bit hard to watch and impossible to marathon. Now the second part of the series is a bit easier to swallow since most facts were already presented to the viewer or are once again shown for clarity. Despite the initial confusion, the series did pull me in and I wanted to see more and more of the story. In short, the story is very dense which is somewhat hard to swallow for many people, but it is rewarding to keep watching as things become more clarified along the way.

Can you recognize the gun on the left?

Putting all this together it should be no surprise that Xam'D: Lost Memories is a must watch series. I would recommend this to anyone. If I were to give this series a number score, it would be an 89/100. Although a word of warning, this series should not be marathoned and I do recommend watching it twice as the second time around, the series is more enjoyable when everything makes sense.