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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eroge Bus Episode 28: Bukkake Ranch

This is yet another review episode where I discuss Mangagamer's release of Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! ~Rear Elementals Into Wet, Horny Girls!~. Yes, that title is ridiculous.

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Show Notes:
00:00 Opening - Cosmic Gate - I Feel Wonderful

01:37 Intro and stuff

06:44 News:
September 28th: News Briefs

  • Broccoli’s 1/8 scale figure of DRACU-RIOT!‘s Erina out in February for ¥9000

October 4th: News Briefs

  • AQUAPLUS/Leaf has been acquired by Yumenosora Group, the parent company of Toranoana
  • PSP port for Nonoura is set for a December 19th
  • Imopara2 HLN will be on shelves next week on October 11th
  • 1/10 scale Beach Queens by WAVE Daito‘s Nagi in March for ¥4200
  • 1/10 scale Beach Queens by WAVE Mahoyo‘s Aoko (standard andRurihime original ver.) in April for ¥4200 and ¥5600

October 12th: News Briefs

  • GIGA is coming out with social games for Anoore and Sakahari
  • keromakura’s Himanatsu PS3/PSP title has been pushed back to November 29th
  • KAITENDOH – 1/8 scale Narika (Choukou Sennin Haruka, January, ¥8000)
  • ORCA TOYS – 1/7 scale Sasara animal costume black cat ver. (TH2, April, ¥9800)

October 16th: Key15th: Kickstarter Documentary Probably a scam
October 18th: News Briefs

  • Noblesse of Rouge OST comes out on November 29th from GWAVE

27:28 Break - Bukkake Ranch OP

29:19 Review of Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! ~Rear Elementals Into Wet, Horny Girls!~

35:37 Break - Walkure Romanze More&More OP

37:20 Upcoming Games:
Usotsuki Ouji to Nayameru Ohime-sama -Princess Syndrome- by Whirlpool

Tsugou no Ii Kazoku by D: Drive

Walkure Romanze More&More by Ricotta

Itazura Gakuen by REAL

Yakata ~Kannou Kitan~ by Bishop Royal

Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade by Feng

Green Green Overdrive Edition by Overdrive

Monobeno -happy end- by Lose

Cocoro@Function! by Pulltop

Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 by Waffle

51:20 Ending - Kanashimi no Mukou e

Guest Spot: Otaku in Review 183: Fall Anime Preview 2013

Once again I was invited by the awesome hosts of Otaku in Review to give a rundown of the anime that is currently broadcasted. We pretty much covered 90% of the series this season.
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