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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Secret Santa Review: Time of Eve

Another year is coming to an end and that means it's another edition of the Secret Santa anime review. Seems like I am on a long streak of reviewing science fiction anime and this year it's no different. Time of Eve is an original net animation (ONA) which streamed back in August 2008 through  September 2009. The first time I heard of it was actually when they screened it in New York City in 2010. During the subsequent year, the screened the film version of the series which has some added scenes. This review will only be of the ONA series. Time of Eve also had a kickstarter for funding the international dvd/bd release of the movie which made 10x the original proposed goal.

"Are you enjoying the time of eve?"

Time of Eve is about androids and their relationships with humans. It uses a very interesting vehicle to explore these relationship by using a cafe with a simple rule where humans and androids can't discriminate against each other. The main focus of the series is on the characters. The human characters slowly discover that androids are more than just robots, they might as well be very human as well with personality and even emotions. There is even a scene that tongue in cheek references to Blade Runner. All in all there are many snappy dialogues and unexpected twists that kept me interested despite the show having almost zero action...we except for...

I am so sorry...

Where I found the show really shines is in its use of cinematography. Instead of jumping from shot to shot, it transitions the shots very well which is very unlike other anime I've seen. In addition, for an ONA, it has a very good soundtrack that even has an insert piano piece played by the protagonist. Overall the series is a very entertaining package it's really no wonder why it won so many awards. Thanks to my secret Santa for the recommendation.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eroge Bus Episode 41 - Hatoful Boyfriend

We dive into our first review of an Otome game: Hatoful Boyfriend

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Show Notes:

00:00 Opening - Cosmic Gate - I Feel Wonderful

01:35 Introductions and stuff

06:06 Break - Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm OP

08:24 News:
October 31st: Cartagra released by MangaGamer
October 31st: Cho Dengeki Stryker Limited Editions Available for Pre-Order!
November 1st: News Briefs
  • Prism Recollection‘s Konoka 1/6 scale castoff figure by MILESTONE out in February for ¥12,000. 
  • 1/7 scale Super Sonico summer santa ver. figure by ALTER available at the MegaHobby EXPO at the end of November. ¥9,900.
November 1st: Visual Art's/Key Illustrator Itaru Hinoue Sells New PC Game at Comiket 87
November 4th: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gets Complete PS3/PSV Port
November 4th: Retailer: The Fruit of Grisaia ~Sanctuary Fellows~ Manga Ends With 4th Volume
November 6th: Fate/Stay night, Animate, Sanrio Also Enjoy Kabe Don
November 6th: CLANNAD pre-Kickstarter launched by Sekai Project
November 7th: News Briefs
  • Among Puchipara Bunko’s November line-up is an adaptation of May-Be Soft’s body-switching Change!. It will be on shelves on November 14th.
  • ALTER has a 1/8 scale figure of Dungeon Travelers 2‘s Mefmera coming out in January. It’s priced at ¥11,800.
  • GWAVE 2014 1st Favorite, featuring 16 OPs from the first half of this year, will be released on December 26th. It’s priced at ¥3000
November 7th: 3rd Steins;Gate IBM Anime Short Posted with English Subtitles
November 8th: New HakuĊki Stage Musical's Cast Unveiled in Costume
November 8th: "Fate/zero" Archer and "Durarara!!" Izaya Dream Pillows Re-Released
November 9th: Fate/Extra Manga Listed as Ending This Week
November 11th: Sekai Project's Clannad Crowdfunding Campaign Meets Goal
November 11th: Last Steins;Gate IBM Anime Short Posted with English Subtitles
November 12th: Sekai Project Adds Nekopara Vol. 1 Visual Novel to Steam's Greenlight
November 12th: Starry Sky Series to Get PS Vita Port
November 12th: Littlewitch Romanesque has gone Golden Master!
November 13th: "Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm " Anime Announced
November 14th: Mangagamer Releases Royal Guard Melissa
November 14th: Secret Sorrow of the Siblings up for Pre-Order!
November 14th: News Briefs
  • Yukie’s illustration collection, “Flower Flower”, will be on shelves on November 29th. The 128-page book will be sold at ¥2800
  • The visual art book for ApRicoT’s Oshirikko Venus series will come out on December 17th. It also sells for ¥2800.
November 19th: "If My Heart Had Wings" Visual Novel Heads to Steam
November 22nd: News Briefs
  • The VenusBlood -HYPNO- 3-disc OST will come out on the same day as the game, November 28th. It contains 63 tracks and costs a very reasonable ¥3300.
  • The black version of ALTER’s 1/7 scale figure of Yosuga‘s Sora will be out next February for ¥13,800.
November 24th: Maaya Sakamoto to Perform "Fate/grand order" Theme
November 24th: Pigeon Romance Visual Novel Hatoful Boyfriend Heads to PS4/Vita
November 25th: "Rewrite" Visual Novel Port Headed to PlayStation 3

22:23 Break - Hatoful Boyfriend Title Screen

23:57 Review and Discussion of Hatoful Boyfriend

46:16 Break - Hanitsuma OP

49:06 Upcoming Games:
Bunny Paradise Bani Para ~Koibito Zenin Bani-ka Keikaku~ by Skyfish Poco VNDB
VenusBlood -HYPNO- by Dual Tail                                                                    VNDB
Meidokissa. by Atelier Kaguya                                                                             VNDB
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm by Sprite                                                              VNDB
Hani Tsuma by Bootup!                                                                                         VNDB
Hen Koi ≒ Kuro Rekishi by Akane Soft                                                               VNDB
Harukaze Sensation! by Windmill Oasis                                                               VNDB
Otome ga Kanaderu Koi no Aria by Ensemble                                                     VNDB
Zannen na Ore-tachi no Seishun Jijou. by ChuableSoft                                        VNDB
Saiminbo by Fudegaki Soft                                                                                   VNDB
Kimi no Tonari de Koishiteru! by Alcot Honey Comb                                         VNDB
Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai by Cube                                                   VNDB

65:02 Ending - Kanashimi no Mukou e