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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Eroge Bus Episode 55 - Sekai Project

We are joined by Samuel Munson to talk about Sekai Project.

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Show Notes:

00:00 Opening - Cosmic Gate - I Feel Wonderful

01:37 Intros, interview with Samuel Munson from Sekai Project

39:42 Break - Schwarzesmarken OP

41:36 News:

News Briefs:
  • Jan 29th: News Briefs
  • CHAOS;CHILD by 5pb. will be ported to the PC. Scheduled for April 28th.
  • Lip Kiss and Koiyori OSTs will be on out on March 25th
  • Tsukurunomori 1/7 scale figure of Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen‘s Rurutie out in March.¥14,800
Jan 23rd: News Briefs
  • SAGA PLANETS is turning to crowdfunding for their next project. The campaign starts on February 5th and ends on February 29th, with a target of one million yen
  • Konosora Cruise Sign PSV port has been set for a March 31st release
  • Kaga Create, the company that brought us PSV titles Higurashi Sui, Saki -Zenkokuban- and Majokoi Dragon×Caravan, has disbanded as of December 31st, citing difficulties in today’s mobile game-centric environment
  • FREEing – 1/12 scale Super Sonico swimsuit ver.(Super Sonico, May, ¥2759)
  • Kotobukiya – 1/7 scale Katia (Schwarzemarken, June, ¥8800)
Muv Luv:
Jan 3rd: "Muv-Luv" Celebrates New Year With Tower Defense Mini-Game
Jan 24th: "Schwarzes Marken" BETA Earth Exploration Spoof and fripSide Opening Music Video Promos Posted

Jan 15th: Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Gets New Trailer
Jan 16th: Nitroplus Opens Official Twitter Account for Gen Urobuchi's New Project

Type Moon:
Dec 30th: "Fate/Grand Order" Introduces New Servants With London Chapter - Featured in Animated Commercial
Jan 4th: "DanMachi" Hestia and "Fate/stay night" Sakura Real Action Heroes Premium Figures Previewed Every Day Until You Like Them
Jan 6th: First "Fate/Grand Order" Collaboration Teased
Jan 15th: "Fate/stay night" Original Soundtrack & Drama CD "Garden of Avalon - glorious,after image" Bundle Goes On Sale
Jan 15th: "Fate/Grand Order" Prepares To Commence "Saber Wars: The Caliburn Awakens"
Jan 20th: "Fate/Grand Order" Adds Mysterious Heroine X For "Saber Wars" Event With Art By "Sword Art Online" Illustrator

Sekai Project:
Dec 31st: Sekai Project to Publish Bunny Girl Platformer Rabi-Ribi
Jan 1st: Sekai Project Sets "Rabi-Ribi" Platformer for Early 2016
Jan 2nd: "NEKOPARA Vol. 2" Visual Novel Gets Hyped for February Launch with Opening Movie
Jan 5th: Lupiesoft Updates The Stargazers with New Information
Jan 26th: The Stargazers by Lupiesoft Hits Greenlight

Jan 5th: MangaGamer Announces Release Date for Free Friends 2
Jan 15th: Groupees Is Holding a MangaGamer Bundle Right Now
Jan 15th: Kindred Spirits On The Roof Now Available for Pre-order!
Jan 19th: No One But You Now Available on Steam and MangaGamer
Jan 19th: Beat Blades Haruka Now Available for Preorder!
Jan 26th: Free Friends 2 now on Sale

Jan 5th: Limited Edition "Steins;Gate" Listed for January 19 in North America
Jan 10th: Preorders Launch for English "Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico"
Jan 26th: Jast USA Game Progress Update

Dec 30th: "Norn9" PV 2 Introduces a World of Magic and Romance
Jan 1st: Minato Soft's New Year's Address Sparks Fan Speculation
Jan 6th: HuniePot Studio Teases HunieCam Studio Release Date
Jan 11th: Alibi’s Adventure World Appears on Steam Greenlight
Jan 11th: "Eve: Burst Error R" Visual Novel Hits PS Vita and PC in April
Jan 14th: Libra of the Vampire Princess Gets Funded on Kickstarter
Jan 20th: Sexy Heroine RPG Hitsuji Chronicle is Now on Nutaku
Jan 24th: Hara Miko Shimai Fan Translation Released
Jan 25th: Bunny Black 2 Full Fan Translation Patch Released
Jan 25th: Kiss the Cock – an Adult Game for Foodies

65:17 Break - Tokyo Necro OP

66:47 Upcoming Games:
Hanikami Clover by Studio Ryokucha...VNDB
Lovedori Halation by Hadashi Shoujo...VNDB
Koi no Honey Trap ~Ecchi de Amai Honey Trap~ by Whitesoft Albino...VNDB
Tsumamigui 3 by Alicesoft...VNDB
Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia 2 by Lusterise...VNDB
Sengo Muramasa -Ken no Gaika- by Gesen 18/Unicorn-a...VNDB
Angenehm Platz -Kleiner Garten Sie Erstellen- by Hexenhaus...VNDB
Gears of Dragoon 2 ~Reimei no Fragments~ by Ninetail...VNDB
Hataraku Otona no Ren'ai Jijou by Akebeisoft 3...VNDB
Tokyo Necro by NitroPlus...VNDB

84:31 Ending - Kanashimi no Mukou e

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