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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eroge Bus Episode 43 - 2014 in Review

This month we are joined by FattyJanai to battle technical difficulties and discuss the various happenings that occurred in 2014

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Show Notes:

00:00 Opening - Cosmic Gate - I Feel Wonderful

01:36 Introductions and stuff

08:27 Break - eden* OP

10:28 News:

January 2nd: ef: a fairy tale of the two Manga Will End This Month
January 2nd: Sekai Project to Localize fault milestone two Visual Novel
January 2nd: Sekai Project Puts Sakura Angels on Steam Greenlight
January 2nd: Juri Misaki and ZEN Celebrate "Clannad" Visual Novel Kickstarter Success
January 2nd: Nekopara released by Neko Works, Sekai Project
January 2nd: "Nitroplus Blasters: Infinite Heroines Duel" Crossover Fighting Game Character Moves Previewed
January 3rd: Key Unveils A New Kinetic VN
January 3rd: Otaku Devastated After Discovering Favorite Anime is Adapted From Eroge
January 4th: News Briefs
January 5th: Denpasoft to Sell 18+ Grisaia Games and Dakimakura
January 7th: Clannad Visual Novel's English-Subtitled Opening Streamed
January 8th: "Fate/stay night" - Saber -Last Episode Scale Figure and "Unlimited Blade Works" Rider Nendoroid Go On Sale
January 9th: News Briefs
  • Orca Toys has yet another risqué ToHeart2 figure coming out this July: a 1/5 scale figure of Sasara white bunny ver. It costs a smooth ¥13,800. 
January 9th: Clannad Kickstarter Ends With US$541,101
January 9th: eden* – Version Differences
January 10th: Original Character Designer Draws "Fate/stay night (Unlimited Blade Works)" Blu-ray Disc Box 1 Illustration
January 13th: "Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" Blu-ray Set Bonus Soundtrack Preview
January 15th: "Fate/Grand Order" Smartphone Game Heroine Was Originally Created for Anime
January 16th: Nitro+ Blasterz Heroine Fighting Game Adds Expelled From Paradise's Angela, More
January 17th: News Briefs
  • Max Factory – figma Saber dress ver. (Fate, February, ¥4630)
  • PULCHRA – 1/10 scale Tamaki (ToHeart2, April, ¥10,584)
January 19th: Sekai Project Streams fault milestone two Visual Novel Teaser
January 19th: "Fate/stay night - Garden of Avalon" Bonus Novel Cover Art Previewed
January 19th: Mangagamer Releases Huniepop
January 21st: Grisaia Game Trilogy Green-Lit for Steam
January 22nd: ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers RPG Headed to PS Vita
January 22nd: New Preview for The Menagerie is Revealed, Demo Coming on February 6
January 23rd: News Briefs
  • The PSV adaptation for Rewrite has been scheduled for February 11th. 
January 23rd: Visual Novel Publisher MangaGamer Launches 2015 Licensing Survey
January 23rd: Physical Copies of the Adult Visual Novel Valkyrie Svia are Coming
January 24th: Medicom Toy Offers New Foot Tall "Fate/stay night" Archer and "Berserk" Guts Real Action Heroes Figures
January 26th: Sekai Project Teases "fault milestone two" Visual Novel


  1. Siliconera and Gematsu are great game focused sites. Joystiq was also excellent until AOL snubbed 'em out. I stopped reading Kot*ku five years ago when it just stopped caring about quality content. Most other sites, too. Want to take power and influence from terribly run sites? Don't click on 'em.
    Your discussion of GG reminded me of a short discussion I had on Twitter a couple days ago. I avoided the whole thing for so long, but I hated how when the Vivian cosplayer got harassed and it was hand-waved as, "Well, she asked for it!"
    If there's one thing I got from this GG fiasco it's that no matter what "side" there is it's occupied by jerks!

    Good show, chaps! Glad to hear Jon again after a year of absence.

    1. There will always be jerks everywhere, all the time.

  2. I've been listening to yer show for a few months now, but was really taken aback by this (apparently right-wing) third host you had on. Dude's first response to Greg mentioning Ferguson etc was something like "oh yeah those terrible protesters!!" or whatever, and the other two hosts (appropriately) were like "uhh...actually how about not, yknow, shooting 12 year olds..."

    Dude THEN comes out here as a straight up #GamerGate retard who loves KotakuInAction, while the other hosts took more neutral nuanced stances.

    Other than THAT I've been enjoying yr show ^_^

  3. Looks like @stringedsonata's Anime Central panel on Oda Nobunaga is immediately after and in the same room as my panel on åge ("Rumbling Hearts to Total Eclipse"). Coolness.

    When are you coming out for ACen, @thedigitalbug?

  4. I kind of did a double-take in the upcoming releases section when you mentioned "Sanoba Witch"… I randomly grabbed a big-ass manga anthology, Comic Alive last month in Japantown, and the scene you describe is in that issue, under the title "Sabbat of the Witch". I sent it to you guys on Twitter — — although what you call "masturbation", I would call "a special and treasured moment with Table-kun."

    Also, @stringedsonata-sempai noticed me!

    1. I am sure table-kun is her very important companion.