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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eroge Bus Episode 30: Demon Master Chris

In this December episode I review the yuri dungeon crawler Demon Master Chris.

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Show Notes:

00:00 Opening - Cosmic Gate - I Feel Wonderful

01:34 Intro and stuff

4:54 Break - Narcissu 2nd Side Opening

7:30 News:
November 29th: Super Sonico Anime Character Designs Previewed
November 29th: 5pb. Streams 4th Science-Adventure Game Chaos;Child's Teaser
November 29th: "Divine Gate" RPG Pits Players Against "Steins;Gate" Characters
November 30th: Angel Beats Game's 1st Volume Slated for Next Spring
December 1st: News Briefs
  • “Chata Works Best III” will be on shelves on February 12th
  • “Imouto to Issho ni Nemureru CD” comes out December 11th
  • PS3 port for Shin Koihime†Musou on February 20th
  • Imaimo will be available on the PSV
December 3rd: Kahotan Shows Off Bride Saber Nendoroid
December 4th: Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni Manga's IchirĊ Tsunohazu Passes Away
December 4th: Mouse Super Sonico Figure Gets Paint Job
December 4th: "Narcissu" Visual Novel Officially Greenlit for Steam
December 6th: Bishoujo Billy the Kid From "Eiyuu*Senki GOLD" Inspires Figure
December 7th: News Briefs
  • Amairo official visual fan book will be on shelves January 24th
  • A bunch of C85 goods
December 8th: Liberation Maiden SIN Live Play Videos Streamed
December 9th: "Steins;Gate" Smartphone Cases Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals
December 9th: Mangagamer Announces Hard Copy Sales
December 11th: Latest Super Sonico Anime Visual
December 13th: Super Sonico Anime's 1st Ad Reveals January 6 Premiere
December 14th: News Briefs
  • The science ADV series 5 years jubilee commemorative book will feature info about 5pb.’s next title Chaos;Child
  • More C85 goods.
December 15th: Top 50 List of Eroge Seiyuu's Who Appeared the Most in 2013
December 18th: MangaGamer Christmas Sale
December 18th: Little Busters! Converted Edition for the PSP gets an English patch
December 19th: Game Publisher CyberFront Closes its Doors
December 20th: News Briefs
  • Fourth volume of the LOVELY×CATION2 raburabu birthday collection features genki kouhai Hinata! It comes out on her birthday, January 23rd
  • Actress vocal collection “Akukore!!” out on January 24th
  • light vocal collection V out on January 31st
  • ElectroArms OP/ED Maxi CD out on January 31st
  • Console version planned from 5pb of Kono Aozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete -Cruise Sign-
  • Overflow has a game for the 3DS coming out in spring 2014 called Island Days
  • Eiyuu*Senki‘s Arthur (May, ¥11,880)
  • ToHeart2 DX Plus‘ Sasara(April, ¥9000)
  • ToHeart2‘s Manaka red cat ver. (May, ¥9800)
  • Even more C85 goods.
December 20th: Super Sonico Anime Previewed in 3-Minute Promo
December 20th: ef -the latter tale- Goes on Sale
December 21st: Celebrate New Year's with Yozakura Quartet, Steins;Gate Meals in Boxes
December 21st: Check Out This Sultry Super Sonico Garage Kit
December 26th: "Angel Beats!" Visual Novel CG Previewed
December 26th: 1st Little Busters! EX Episode's Ad Features Narration by Heroines
December 27th: News Briefs
  • PSV adaptations for Lovely Quest (March 27th) and Imaimo (April 24th)
  • PSV/PSP adaptation for Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! +PLUS coming out in May.
  • 1/8 scale Saber from Fate/Extra CCC, coming out in June for ¥10,800
December 27th: New Fate/stay night Anime by ufotable Previewed in Teaser Video
December 28th: Muv Luv: Photon Flowers, Photon Melodies to Ship for PS3 in 2014

25:21 Break - Demon Master Chris OST - Windy

27:54 A rather quick review of Demon Master Chris

36:52 Break - Tsuyokiss NEXT OP

38:52 Upcoming Games:
Magicalic ⇔ Sky High ~Soratobu Houki no Omoi wo Nosete~ by Whirlpool

Tsuyokiss NEXT by Candy Soft

Ayame no Machi to Ohime-sama by MORE

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Shirayuki no Kishi by Yurin Yurin

Love Replica by Garden

Nangoku Sakunyuu ☆ Milk Island Musume. ~Hatsujou-hen~ by MBSTruth -DeepBlue-

Sengoku † Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~ by Baseson

Senjou no Folklore -Boukoku no Kishidan- by Debo no Su Seisakusho

Root Harem! by CreamPie

Timepiece Ensemble by GLace

51:23 Ending - Kanashimi no Mukou e


  1. Really enjoyed the last episode with Shuri, that episode was really awesome, as it was finally a discussion on a story game. I was kind of getting burned out on all the nukige reviews on the podcast (and visual novels in general, with school and all), while it is a lot of fun hearing you explaining some of the scenarios, it doesn't really make for much discussion. But I feel that podcast was really invigorating putting my interest back in the medium, and it was refreshing to see that kind of in-depth discussion, so please, keep up the great podcast on story games.

    Just a few more questions,
    Will you ever do anymore rants? I know there are a number of issues with visual novels, with certain people doing machine translations and such, just wondering if you will cover anymore similar subjects.
    Are you ever considering getting a co-host or is that out of the picture and there will only be you and a possible guest? The podcast I have enjoyed the most have always been with guest. I like the sort of conversation and comments on everything (not just the long discussion of an eroge) it adds a lot to the news and upcoming games section of the podcast when you have another person to comment.
    Will we ever get you Amane-like sister on the podcast?

    Thanks and keep up the great work, looking forward to the podcast to come. Take as much time as you need for the podcast next month and thank you so much for the amazing content.

    1. Oh shucks, I'll try to do more story game reviews in the future.
      As far as rants go, don't really expect more as I have mellowed down a bit. But if something really manages to get under my skin I'll do another rant.
      Getting guests for an eroge podcast is hard. Getting a co-host is about ten times harder. But I do admit that episodes where I have a guest are better as back and forth discussions are more entertaining to listen to. I try to get a guest on whenever I can.
      lol no.

      Thanks for listening!