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Monday, March 19, 2012

Brief: Katsucon and MangaNext 2012

On February 17-19, I had the opportunity to finally attend  Katsucon 2012. Although, I heard from reports of previous years of Katsucon being somewhat crappy, I am happy to report that I enjoyed Katsucon almost as much as Otakon. In order to avoid duplicity, for those interested in my Katsucon 2012 experience, check out Otaku in Review episode 105 where I talk about Katsucon 2012 along with Charles Dunbar with the hosts Scott Spaziani and G-Nitro.

Meanwhile, the following weekend I returned to my 3rd MangaNext. As usual it was a very relaxing experience due to its small size and intimate atmosphere. However, due to it taking place so soon after Katsucon, it felt very underwhelming even though this has probably been the on of the best MangaNEXT yet.

Unlike anime cons, MangaNEXT focuses mostly on manga and so  it makes sense that the con brought mangaka as their top guests. Although the mangaka, Makoto Tateno and Tomo Maeda, are fairly obscure to the Western market, they were quite interesting to meet and listen to. Furthermore, Felipe Smith of Peepo Choo fame has also made an appearance at MangaNEXT.

Of course, I spent most time enjoying the panels which most were presented by the Ninja Consultant Podcast: Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor who hosted a large number of great panels. Furthermore, Ed Chavez of Vertical Inc. ran an industry panel as well as a couple of other good panels on specific manga genres. Everything else at the con was fairly standard fare. Since the con was at a new location, the dealers room and artist alley were slightly larger. That's it for this brief report.


  1. I'm still too shy to attend cons...

    also bankrupt but that's another matter

    1. One day you will find the courage... and the money to attend cons.