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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finish What You Started

I've noticed a viewing habit among general anime viewers, that many anime series get started and eventually dropped. There are many reasons for this. Some which are legitimate; A show really sucks, why finish it? But most of the times, it's for the reasons such as lack of patience or the viewer believes there are better shows out there. More importantly, dropping anime becomes a poor habit where worthwhile shows end up getting unfinished.

There are some direct and indirect consequences of this habit. First observation I made is that, although not necessarily always true, people who drop anime don't own it on dvd or bd. If I am going to buy anime, I am more likely to watch it completely through. So if you poke around profiles on, you can see who the 'real' anime fans are. In addition, people who chronically drop anime are more likely to miss out on a great series that just happened to start slow.

A nameless anime fan with a chronic dropping habit.

Now I am not saying that you should not drop any anime at all. As Brent of Otaku no Video put it, there is an opportunity cost when you start an anime. If the anime is so terrible, it would be smart to drop it and watch something better instead. For the record, I have not dropped an anime series so far. I usually try to stay away series I won't enjoy.


  1. I watch anime for fun.

    I drop a show if it stops being fun.

    Even if this means me not knowing how it ends, many times I just don't care. There's better stuff to watch, no need to waste my time.

    And that's all there is to it. =P

  2. @Janai Well, you also come back to some series that you drop so it's not so bad. ;P