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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eroge Bus Episode 12 - We Love Master

This month I attempt to review We Love Master by SCORE localized by Mangagamer which is quite a romp.

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Show Notes:
00:00 Opening - Skydive - Freefall

01:23 Introductions and stuff

04:15 Break - Robotics;Notes OP

06:01 News:
May 25th: News Briefs
-Akabeisoft2 is restructuring its company and renaming it to Akabeisoft3. Many brands
were phased out.
-Little Busters is getting two separate novel adaptations: Standard Story and Kud’s.
-Kogodo Studio’s Hakusei Renai Shoukogun is also getting one.
-SkyTube is release a figure of Inia from MuvLuv Alternative Total Eclipse
May 25th: Harem Party and Deardrops hard copies on preorder
May 28th: Ayumi Fujimura Joins Love, Election, & Chocolate Anime's Cast
May 31th: School Days HQ is now gold master
June 1st: Robotics;Notes Game's 2 TV Ads Streamed
June 2nd: Fan Translation of Higanbana's first arc
June 2nd: News Briefs
-Second OST for White Album 2 releases on June 29th
-Hatsukoi 1/1 vocal album slated for July 27th
-Also Otoboku drama CD for C82 and stores in August 29th
-WING to release a chibi poseable figure of Super Sonico
-Kotobukiya is releasing a figure of Haruka from Idolm@ster
June 2nd: Translated Playthrough of Oreimo and Idolm@ster 2
June 8th: News Briefs
-Max Factory has a figure of Izumi from se.Kirara
-Wave has a figure of Ami from Idolm@ster
June 9th: Fate/Zero, Guilty Crown Get Social Games With Good Smile Co
June 10th: Nitroplus Music's Producer Shingo Minamino Passes Away After Stabbing
June 11th: Robotics;Notes Game's Demo Preview Video Posted
June 12th: Rewrite Harvest Festa Fan Disc's Opening Movie Streamed
June 12th: Interview with Masaaki Endoh on Dengeki Stryker
June 13th: Crunchyroll Adds Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Anime
June 14th: Mangagamer Announces Games from Nyu Media
June 15th: La storia della Arcana Famiglia Anime Promo Streamed
June 16th: News Briefs
-TENCO announced Eiyuu x Senki 2
-SofthouseChara’s Mon o Mamoru Oshigoto has been scheduled for September 21st
-There will be manga adaptations of “Namima no Kuni no Faust” and “your diary”
-Kurenai Kagura‘s OST is coming out on July 27th
-Key/Visual Art’s 20th anniversary single: “Orpheus ~Kimi to Kanaderu Ashita e no Uta~”, will be on shelves June 29th.
-WAVE is releasing another figure of Saber from Fate/hollow ataraxia
-There is 3D dakimakura with removable pantsu
June 16th: Highlights of 4Gamer's Interview with Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Staff
June 18th: Robotics;Notes Manga Adaptation Announced
June 19th: Minori’s latest game 「Supipara」 didn’t break even…
June 20th: Love, Election, & Chocolate Anime's 1st Ad Streamed
June 21st: Fate/Zero Anime Inspires Gilgamesh's Chess Set in Real Life
June 21st: Mangagamer Releases Dengeki Stryker
June 23rd: Robotics;Notes Game's 2nd Promo Streamed
June 23rd: News Briefs
-There are H novel adaptations of Moonstone Cherry’s Hougako Eroge-bu (June 22nd) and C:drive’s Riajuu Saimin (June 29th)
-The 3rd White Album 2 OST to be released at C82 and August 24th
-Yamato is releasing a figure of Xiamoei from Shining Hearts in November
June 24th: Total Eclipse Anime's 3-Minute Preview Streamed
June 26th: Summary of Mangagamer's Livechat

21:06 Break - We Love Master OP

23:14 Review of We Love Master by SCORE

29:03 Break - Dolphin Divers OP

30:40 Upcoming Games:

Network Netoraru Kare Machi Kanojo by Teatime

Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~ by Empress

xx na Kanojo no Tsukurikata 2 by KISS

Fault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~ by Ciel

Hatsukoi Ichibun no Ichi by tone work’s

Dolphin Divers by AXL

One Side Summer by Alcot Honey Comb

Futsuno Fantasy by EX-ONE

Gurenka by Escu:de

Erect! by Austronauts: Spica

41:57 Ending - Kanashimi no Mukou e

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