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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eroge Bus Episode 5

This month I go solo and talk briefly about Alicesoft and their games.

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00:00 Intro - Skydive - Freefall
02:10 Opening words
04:30 Break - Aselia the Eternal opening
06:41 News:

October 27th: A Scar of a Doll gets released in English

Nov. 4th: Love Plus gets a full fan translation

Nov. 8th: A new Fate/Zero project to be revealed in Newtype

Nov. 8th: The Idolm@ster cafe to open in Akibahara

Nov. 9th: Aselia the Eternal gets released by JASTUsa

Nov. 11th: Chaos;HEAd Noah to be released for Android during Winter

Nov. 16th: Fate/Zero collaborates with an online toy wars game

Nov. 17th: Ai Mi Moe Can Change! gets an anime OVA adaption

Nov. 18th: My Girlfriend is the President gets a golden master

Nov. 18th: Da Capo 3 voice cast and release date announced

13:06 Break - Beat Blades Haruka opening
14:41 A short primer to Alicesoft
23:07 Break - Hare Tokidoki o Tenkiame OP
24:58 Upcoming Games:

WakeAri! by illusion

Ore wa Tsuma Kira! by OLE-M

d2b VS DEARDROPS -Cross the Future- by OVERDRIVE

SoniKomi by NitroPlus

Tentacle Road by Yatagarasu

Strawberry Nauts by Hooksoft

Hare Tokidoki o Tenkiame by Palette

Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco! by Alcot Honeycomb

Kanojo wa Sora ni Inoranai -quantum girlfriend- by Escude

Yumemiru Tsuki no Lunalutia by Arianrhod

32:04 Ending - School Days - Kanashimi no Mokou e

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