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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eroge Bus Episode 4

This month @GNitro of The Otaku Gamer returns to discuss the history of Eroge in Japan and the many localizations into English.

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Show notes:
00:00 Intro - Skydive - Freefall
02:10 Opening words
19:13 Break - White Album - Anime OP
20:55 News:

SEP 29: Mangagamer releases Go Go Nippon

OCT 17: Ever17's remake game opening posted

OCT 19: Abunai Koi no Flight otome game offered as app for iPhone

38:37 Break - YUNO - opening
41:20 Main Segment
76:40 Break - True Love - credits
78:23 Upcoming Games:

Madonna ~Kanjuku Body Collection~

Custom Android Ai

Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~

Ren'ai 0 Kilometer

Shinsei ni Shite Okasubekarazu

Midori no Umi

Steins;Gate 8bi

Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu

93:40 Ending - School Days - Kanashimi no Mokou e


  1. Discovered the show thanks to a mention on Otaku in Review. Slowly listening to your episodes, and I'll probably be caught up by the time episode 5 is available.

    Some big questions to consider:

    Is there even a half decent future for adult games? Has the sheer number of similar harem stories resulted in a fanbase that's folding in on itself? Are there more than a few fans who are still willing to buy games, even if it takes time and effort?

    Also, who will still be making adult games in three years? I know that the English speaking community has grown because of the continued efforts of a few companies and some dedicated fan translators. But I think this is the next category of video games that's going westward. Two notable fan projects are slowly finishing completion (Samu-kun's story Homeward, and Katawa Shoujo). And while only a few people on the Lemma Soft forums are ready and willing to make adult games, I'm starting to see more creative and diverse content. I believe that in a couple years, independently made western visual novels, with or without adult content, will start to prosper.

  2. @taiyakifan What is the future of adult games is left to speculation. Although the outlook isn't very positive, creative forces within the Japanese industry will continue to churn out some great games. You are correct that the market appears saturated with generic harem stories. However, there are other factors as to why it may appear that the fanbase is shrinking. I think the most important factor to consider is the fact that with Japan's low birthrate, less and less people are coming into the fandom and so the number of fans is shrinking due to other members becoming too old and 'retiring'. In addition, you have economic pressures that keep people from spending money on luxury such as entertainment and with Japanese prices it shouldn't be surprising. Furthermore, the eroge industry has to compete with other forms of entertainment such as Anime and Video Games.

    I've noticed a few western developers trying to sort of pioneer an original English visual novel market. I wish them luck because I don't think there are yet enough people in the market right now to make their efforts profitable. Perhaps if they stay in the game long enough it will become something more rewarding in the end.